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:: Big Game Developments and Important Announcements 7/22 ::

1) With the help of my esteemed colleagues and peers, namely Seamus Maziarz, we have developed a truly brilliant system for "flag redemption". That's right, if you become infected at any point during the game (an infected player removes one of your flagging tapes) you will be able to earn it back and here's how
- Infected Human players (players eliminated by the infected) may earn back their flagging tape by playing FOR the infected and exchanging an enemies flagging tape for their own.
- Human players wishing to redeem their tape must report to the infected staging area, remove and sign their human/colored arm tape and report to Patient Zero (me) to begin their term as an infected entity.
- Players can re-tape if they wish at any time and return to their side, however, for each ENEMY colored flagging tape (flagging tape will be marked according to team) they will receive that amount in return for their teams flagging tape. (I may choose to do a max number per player, but for now I see it being no issue
- Human players entering this redemption service are not privileged to the infected perks (store discount, free play at next event, double Dm14 chances, ect)
* This will be added to rules, and is subject to change

2) Lars Hindsley, ( DangerMans Lair ) will be attending our game and adding his own personal coverage to our event! He will be playing alongside his team: Dangerous Grounds Paintball Team for The Stranded side! This participation will bolster our media coverage which Social Paintball is also assisting with!

3) We have broke 300 Pre-Registrations! There is only 9 Days left! We will not be accepting ANY reservations after July 31st. So if you don't pre-register you better show up early on the 17th (or players party the night before) to secure yourself a spot. I am offering a ONE DAY SPECIAL TODAY (expiring at midnight) if you have a group of 10 or more, message me for details!! (on a side note I would like both command staffs to give me a list of teams that are committed so I can begin an awesome graphic or post displaying who is going head to head, attn: Shane Robert Eslinger, Robert Anthony Santos, Mike Dalton, Mike Crash May)

We are continuing our activity right up until our event, our efforts are multiplying and you're going to see a lot more developments and great events surrounding the game. On my side of the ball I am looking to have all our game's missions for both command staffs by the end of next week! - Josh Gould
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Get ready.... 3 big announcements coming at 5:30 pm :-D :-D :-D ... See MoreSee Less

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Do you have a group of 10 or more? Have you still not registered? Well, today is your lucky day. Contact me, Josh Gould, for a 1 day only promotion for your group. :-D ... See MoreSee Less

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Figure I would address something that has become sort of a culture in preparation for this event, and that is the act of self sacrifice and "suicides" to avoid capture.

There is a lot of grey area that at least needs to be explored. Firstly, no member of the command staff (generals and XOs), Scientist, or Engineer can take the easy way out. Demolitions can however blow themselves up, because lets be honest, that makes sense.

No Player can shoot themselves to avoid capture/infection. I am saying it now. However, I am not stopping anyone from shooting their buddy from a distance before infection. HOWEVER! ~ This is a scenario, if you shoot your friend before a horde washes over them, you better make it a kill shot, if you catch my drift, or else they will still become infected.

From the infected point of view: We are already outnumbered, playing without guns, and our only hope is to snatch a piece of tape hanging from your equipment, there's no need to get scared, the most that's gonna happen is your going to get touched. Which is why the 10 foot rule is super important the risk for infected is much higher. So please, if your about to be overrun, you have the following options:
1) Run, run faster, don't look back
2) Hide and pray
3) Give your buddy the good-ol "I'll see you on the other side salute" and have him Gogg you. (sorry this made me laugh)
4) If you're a demolitions role, or have a paint grenade, go out in a nerf blaze of glory.
5) Surrender.

*** People shouldn't protect their tape at the risk of hurting an infected player, there will be chances to get your tape back, but I can assure you, as an infected player myself, if I see people blatantly over shooting infected at point blank I'll rip your tape off myself in a bloody charge regardless of how many times you hit me ;-) promise <3 ALSO, on that note, especially if you're using first strike, you should not be shooting infected within a good buffer above 10 feet. Let's keep safety in mind, the zombies are here to make the game more "enjoyable" - Josh Gould
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